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All this technical jargon might be confusing?

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We will take the guess work out
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cost and time efficient manner!

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With more than 20 years experience in this area,

We offer the following services to you...

Photography an impressive element

"A picture says more than a thousand words", shots of

art, events, landscapes, products, the sky is the limit...

Sculpture at the Sculpture Park in Matangi, New Zealand;Tui is an iconic New Zealand birdArt toilet in Matakana, New Zealand;Mosaik motive Soy wax candles set;

Design conveys vision

Graphic Design from Arty to Corporate and converting it into your web presence,

creating logo, navigation, header, banner and other graphic elements...

Translation Bureau Ltd logo;Created for Candlelyte in 2007 as candle labels;Ayurveda Massage postcard created for the Toolwood 2005 event A5;A 90x50cm banner sign for a stall.Alternative mock-up for a Client side Website design project at Natcoll;

Web Design & Development based on User Experience and Functionality

Since 2002 we offer professional web services based on present Web

Design & Development standards and free Open Source software...

Blue Cars new Home pageAyurveda-Mandala Home page v4leolight website screenshotCook Sargisson & Pirie home pageSGH Travel Peru page is a sub-page of South American travel targets;

Multimedia entertainment for your senses

We create animations, edit Sound and Video files and implement these in

your Website for an increase in visitor attraction and client acquisition...

Candlelyte banner animationCandlelyte logo animation
WDB Logo text WebWDB Logo text DesignWDB Logo text BoutiqueWeb & Design Boutique Logo

For all your website needs!

Explore our comprehensive, professional,

and affordable solutions to you...

With more than 25 years of in-depth knowledge in the Information Technology area, from 2002 onward I am providing the following professional services for all your website needs:

I am providing these services to SME clients in New Zealand and worldwide, please see the testimonials I have received from my pleased clients.

For consultancy and project cost estimations, please see my actual price-list or our Special Package offers under each topic.

Please contact us for a free estimate and/or if you have any other questions related to my services.

Does your website work for you? What makes your website more attractive to your prospects? Is your website missing some of the important design requirements to achieve a higher ranking and attract more visitors? Does your website look outdated and/or lacks important functionality? Are you using all possible multimedia elements on your website to make a real imprint on your visitor? Is your website attracting enough visitors and therefore creating business for you?