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Confused by all the technical jargon?

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With more than 20 years in IT I offer the following services to you...

Photography an impressive element

"A picture says more than a thousand words", shots of

art, events, landscapes, products, there are no limits...

Sculpture at the Sculpture Park in Matangi, New Zealand;Tui is an iconic New Zealand birdArt toilet in Matakana, New Zealand;Mosaik motive Soy wax candles set;

Design conveys vision

Graphic Design from Arty to Corporate and converting it into your web presence,

creating logo, navigation, header, banner and other graphic elements...

Translation Bureau Ltd logo;Created for Candlelyte in 2007 as candle labels;Ayurveda Massage postcard created for the Toolwood 2005 event A5;A 90x50cm banner sign for a stall.Alternative mock-up for a Client side Website design project at Natcoll;

Web Design & Development based on User Experience and Functionality

Since 2002 I offer professional web services based on actual

Web Design & Development standards and free Open Source...

Blue Cars new Home pageAyurveda-Mandala Home page v4leolight website screenshotCook Sargisson & Pirie home pageSGH Travel Peru page is a sub-page of South American travel targets;

Multimedia entertainment for your senses

I create animations, edit Sound and Video files and implement these in your Website

for an increase in visitor attraction and client aquisition...

Candlelyte banner animationCandlelyte logo animation
Web & Design Boutique LogoWDB Logo text WebWDB Logo text DesignWDB Logo text Boutique

For all your website needs!

Explore my comprehensive, professional,

and affordable solutions to you...