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Tenshin Aikido New Zealand

Tenshin Aikido New Zealand is a website project for the Tenshin Aikido Club in Auckland, New Zealand. Also here the main requirement was to update the look and feel to a more modern style. For that the website needed to be moved with all its contents to my hosting service provider Panthur. The Blog is […]

WordPress 5 is here, yeah!?

December 2018 was a big month of major WordPress updates. WordPress introduced its new 5.0 version in beginning of December 2018 with many bug fixes and improvements. But the most outstanding is the implementation of the new content block editor Gutenberg, please see this complete Gutenberg Editor guide for more information. Gutenberg will surely make […]

Allach Porcelain

www.allach-porcelain.com is selling Allach Porcelain products and collectables via its WooCommerce online store. The main requirement was to update the Website from a simple HTML, CSS and JavaScript base and old look and feel to a modern CMS platform with two languages and shopping solution. So I did upgrade the design and port the existing […]

Reeve Plastering

www.reeveplastering.co.nz a one page website for a plastering trader. I designed the look and feel around one of the existing logos. Reeve Plastering website is based on the Bootstrap design framework utilising the latest HTML5 and CSS3 standards that has the “responsive” web design requirements inbuilt to suit different mobile screen sizes. And is SEO […]

Esoteric Technologies Ltd.

www.esotech.com.au is selling software solutions for horoscope calculations and predictions from it’s WooCommerce online store. The main requirement was to first move the website to a different hosting service provider and upgrade the design to a more modern framework to keep it compatible with advancements in WordPress as well as WooCommerce, but keeping the look […]

Coal Action Network Aotearoa

Coal Action Network Aotearoa website is a website for a group of climate justice campaigners committed to fighting the continuation of coal mining in Aotearoa New Zealand. The main requirement, was to update the design to a more modern look and feel. For that the website needed to be ported from WordPress.com with all its […]