Indian Music - The present Home page with header logo and dynamic three state header navigation;

Website Development for an Indian Musician to show case his services and performances in Indian Classical Music. He is offering also Chanting and Kirtan classes.

First the requirement was to update an existing Website adding new music and video footage, but it was on an older standard and would not fulfil another requirement to allow the owner to make his own content changes. We decided to create a new Website using the WordPress CMS, ensuring it is future proof and SEO optimised.

As a WordPress based CMS it required some HTML5, CSS3, MySQL, PHP and JavaScript customisations and extensions, to change the look and feel and adapt it to the requirements. The template also provides “responsive” web design standards to make it automatically adapt to different screen resolutions.

The overall development process took so far 59 hours and reached a publishing state by April 2013. It is built on State of the Art standards and optimized for actual SEO requirements. We also supplied our hosting and domain name registration services for this project.

He has kindly provided us with his testimonial


Notepad++ & Adobe Dreamweaver;

Pages/Posts to service:

So far 72;

Pictures to service:

So far 43 pictures and graphical elements, the graphics were provided by the websites owner and customized with Adobe Photoshop and Fireworks;

Music files to service:

So far 114 music files needed to be edited and converted into MP3 and OGG to provide samples of the art work;

Video files to service:

So far 37 video files from which 12 where edited, edited with Adobe Premiere and then uploaded to YouTube;

Total billable hours:


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