Website Hosting pains

02/09/2014 | News

Website Hosting pains

02/09/2014 | News

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Website Hosting can become a pain especially when you believe you are within your limits, but they actually did not specify RAM limitations. Only later when this is affecting your websites being slow and unresponsive then you realise you need to change your service account to a one with more RAM resources.

And then when the billing department of that Hosting Service Provider (HSP) delays the implementation due to their “procedures” by 3 to 5 days you are really stuck, especially when this is happening a couple of times. As in this case I could not work on projects to minimise the effects the resource limitation had on existing websites.

Adding to that the service “specialists” often answered in a “pre-formatted” way not really taking the situation their client is facing into account. To top this up due to incomplete procedures essential settings needed to be manually requested making further delays and problems inevitable. The resulting interruptions for my clients and myself were unacceptable and eventually lead to an extensive research for and moving to a better HSP.

Many years ago the service of that particular HSP was fabulous and once things are set-up properly they typically just run well. And I do not expect a 100% perfect support since we are all humans which can and do make mistakes. So I won’t name and shame the HSP I am referring to, if you want to know in detail then just contact me.

But I guess any Company growing to big are losing its customer and therefore service orientation to their procedures which are essentially set-up to handle the workload but mainly also to minimise costs. Service often degrades in that kind of optimisation process. I believe everybody can tell a similar story about a big company they dealt with.

So after more than 6 weeks of a very troublesome hosting experience I got everything sorted by investing time and money finding a smaller HSP, like Panthur, with much better service service procedures in place as I could experience myself from the beginning.

Do your due diligence or seek sound advice!

Simply contact us to discuss your requirements!

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