Website Security, On-line Anonymity and Privacy

14/01/2015 | News

Website Security, On-line Anonymity and Privacy

14/01/2015 | News

Edward SnowdenEven after Edward Snowden’s NSA revelations for many website security, on-line anonymity and privacy are things that they are not really worried about.

This might quickly change the moment you interact with a website leaving your email, personal and especially your Credit Card details. And when you start getting bombarded by spam, followed by on-line advertising or become a victim of credit card fraud or even identity theft. All because website owners are not taking enough precaution to safeguard the information given to them by prospects or clients.

And it is not necessarily the website owner’s fault, yet he needs to do anything possible to make it very difficult for any third party to get hold of personal visitor information. Hence encrypting the network connection between a website and a visitor is an important factor for shop website owners not only to gain the trust of their visitors but also keeping their submitted data safe.

So as clarified a secure connection to a shop and e-Commerce websites is already a requirement and recently even normal websites are getting a ranking advantage employing TSL. Google started to give websites with SSL encryption a higher ranking than similar websites without it which is globally rolled out since August 2014, read their comments here.

TSL uses SSL certificates based on trust provided by Certification Authorities, which are used to encrypt the browsing session with the website making spoofing and man in the middle attacks very difficult.

VPN uses so called tunnelling protocols to make a secure connection through the internet and can be employed to hide your identity when you go on-line and visit websites and browse content on the web. It is also used to make sure that no one else will be able to spy on the information you exchange with the on-line service/website you are visiting. That is especially important if you are transferring confidential information to and from your company network to an on-line service or website.

TSL and VPN are two very important techniques to achieve website security, on-line anonymity and privacy:

We found a couple of recommended yet affordable services and are happy to consult with you should you find this also important for your on-line activities. The costs start from $7 onwards per year depending on your requirements, plus implementation efforts.

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