Creating an Online Shop made easy!

WooCommerce is an online shopping solution that also provides a lot of powerful plugins to extent its functionality, for example Booster for WooCommerce, WooCommerce Bookings and Zapier, which help to get up and running quickly for various e-Commerce requirements.

For our New Zealand clients who require on-line Payment Gateways and have fairly low transaction numbers, we recommend to use PoliPay in combination with SwipeHQ or PayPal.

Also it is highly recommended for any e-Commerce project to implement a SSL certificate. Even so that is not a requirement by the Payment Gateway any-more, but good practice to keep the interaction of clients with your website safe and confidential. Besides it is a Google ranking factor and has recently given it a higher priority. We use SSL certificates from our trusted Partner GlobeSSL, which in essence is a Whole Seller of Commodo SSL certificates.

After a couple of recent online shop projects based on the WordPress WooCommerce plugin we put an e-Commerce Package together. This is a cost efficient way to transform an existing website into an online shop.

To see it all life in action please visit Ayurveda Mandala Shop or Blue Cars Shop websites!

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