Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation
SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a means to optimise your website for Search Engines so that it can be determined what your website is about. This allows the Search Engines e.g.: Google, to present your web-pages as the best match to respective visitors searching for specific topics/keywords.

On-Site SEO

“Content is King” and Google and other search engines are very keen to provide their users with the best match for their search. Hence it is very important that you provide genuine content, i.e. text, pictures, videos and even animations, which supports your vision and mission and attracts the right audience and prospective clients to your business.

Below are the most important On-Site optimisations which are implemented by us in every website design project:

  • We make your web-presence user friendly and follow best web design practices;
  • Implement website traffic analysis tools, like Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics to observe audience interactions;
  • Include descriptions for all photographs, multimedia and other links;
  • Analyse and optimise your content and its keywords/key-phrases for the offered services/targeted audiences;
  • Finally, we submit your website URL to 100+ Search Engines, including Google and Yahoo/Bing;

The above five measures are the required minimum steps and do not accelerate your website to the top position in the SERP’s, hence you need to consider off-site SEO to get quicker results.

Off-Site SEO

Off-Site SEO is also called Online Marketing strategies and can be split into two different sections, paid and free traffic sources.

Both are paid services as they require time and expertise to implement and actual expenses for creating and placing online adverts. The more links there are, that point to your website, the better it is for its ranking. However, it is important to get high​ quality links from authority and business related websites.

Free Traffic Sources

Social Media links from i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc. are an important part of any back-linking strategy which helps your website to be recognised as a suitable match by the Search Engine users. Consider post and comments on business related Blogs and Forums to create back-links to your website.

Not only do we submit your website to over 100 Search Engines, but also highly recommend that you subscribe your website to local online directories:


There are more than a dozen of smaller local directories to get a link from as well, the more links from trustworthy sources you get pointing to your website the better.

Paid Traffic Sources

Paid Traffic Sources includes any means of paid advertising to drive traffic to your websites, i.e. Google AdWords, Facebook Ad, Forum ads, Ad exchange etc.

If your website is fairly new and you want to see quick results you would select this option to drive traffic to your website. An ad campaign for example can be set-up within two days with an expected high ROI and run at reasonable costs as outlined here.

SEO and Online Marketing are fairly complex topics requiring various efforts for different situations and goals. Starting from submitting to local directories, to regular postings on social media and forums to video creation and submitting to Media networks.

We offer a wide variety of methods including a comprehensive analysis of your situation and required tasks to get you on the first page of the search engines and therefore in front of your prospects and clients.

Speed Optimisation

Website speed was always a ranking factor for search engines, but has become an even more important factor in recent years. Especially since websites have become more complex and feature rich the overall resource and optimisation requirements have increased accordingly.

Most importantly the faster a website loads the better the user experience and the lower will the bounce rate be. As people tend to move on if the content is not loaded within a couple of seconds.

We have refined optimisation methods and shortlisted tools that help achieve very high results especially for mobile visitors.

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