If your business needs to schedule an appointment or book an accommodation, an online booking system will be helpful. There are specific calendar booking solutions in WordPress available to match various requirements.

Over the years I have implemented calendar booking systems for three different scenarios.


Scenario 1 – Appointment booking system when WooCommerce is present

In this client project, the requirement was to automate and schedule consultation and session appointments for a massage therapist and nutritionist. I had already implemented the WooCommerce shop solution, therefore the payment processor and all other features to facilitate online commerce were in place. So I implemented the WooCommerce Bookings plugin as they work well together with the WooCommerce shop solution. Bookable consultation and session appointments are created like products in WooCommerce with their own set of settings.

Please see the live website here:

Scenario 2 – Appointment booking system without WooCommerce

In this client project, here was no WooCommerce shop integration possible and depending on the requirements, I looked into stand alone solutions like this one. To make an appointment booking calendar available on your WordPress website with online payment processor integrated, I have found the Appointment Hour Booking plugin to be quite suitable for setting up appointment schedules for an astrological consultant.

Please see the live website here:

Scenario 3 – Accommodation booking system without WooCommerce

If the nature of your business is related to holiday accommodation, hotel reservations or bed and breakfast bookings, then there is a requirement to offer a calendar booking system for accommodation reservations on your website. I found Pinpoint Booking System plugin excellent to do the job for a client of mine, Lonnoc Eco Beach Bungalows, to automate the booking of his accommodation and meeting facilities.

Please see the live website here:

All these are specialised solutions to cater for specific requirements and therefore have their own unique features. If you have a similar requirement or questions please contact me!