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Adobe Acrobat is a multi-format content container which allows users to store text, forms, graphics, pictures in one file and make it available over a variety of reading devices. Adobe Acrobat is a trademark of Adobe Inc.


This photo collage 'The rise of the towers' was a Natcoll project which should have something to do with Auckland;


are an Art form combining different graphics, contents and or pictures in a new way to convey a certain message or create something new. Dieter created these collages for different design projects using mainly his own photographs and converted…
Candlelyte Contact page;

Candlelyte, New Zealand

Candlelyte, New Zealand offline since November 2008 was the first New Zealand based web design project conveying the owner's business interests. Dieter took most of the photographs and was responsible for the concept, layout and design, incl.…
Infineon Knowledge Flow team page;

Infineon Technology Inc, Germany

Infineon Technology Inc, Germany, Intranet Website was an integral part of an information portal to support the knowledge exchange of Microchip developers, Technicians and Scientists. Website design based on HTML coding with CSS formatting…
Milk boost A3 sales flyer with...

Banners and Flyers

This is a selection of banners and flyers in various sizes and shapes created mainly in MS Word, but also in MS Publisher and lately Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator which we also converted into PDF format for printing purposes:
T-Shirt foil print;

Marketing Material

We can design all sorts of Marketing Materials for your corporate identity and stationary materials needs, here are some examples: