Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours consists of 360-degree panorama photographs from one or more locations combining them into an immersive 3D virtual tour that transports you to the place without physically travelling there. Similar to the one you can find in Google Maps known as Google Street view.

The advantage of a Virtual Tour is that you can have more features integrated, a different look and feel, slideshows, videos, animations and even live video chat. The experience can be further enriched by adding comprehensive information promoting the place and services.

Virtual Tours are quite ‚Äčimpressive when you want to bring a spatial experience of your products and services to your prospects over bigger distances, i.e. real estate, landscapes, architecture, eateries, museums, galleries, show rooms for cars, kitchen and bathroom designs etc.

Virtual Tours can transform your online browsing to an ‘immersive experience’. You will get a comprehensive and complete feel of the place without physically travelling there. This is particularly important in today’s times of travel restrictions.

We use the best two lens camera on the market to create professional 360 panorama images that are sharp and high quality. For the creation and configuration of these immersive Virtual Tours we use one of the advanced tour creation solutions out there providing all features possible.

We also offer advanced features upon request like add/create floor plans containing the structural outline of your premises and or include interior design elements like furniture, plants and decorations to give a better idea of proportion.

Simply contact us to discuss your requirements!