Web Design & Development

You are looking here at a broad range of technically different implementations of modern Website Design & Development, Multimedia and Graphic Design projects which were created since 2002.

All recent Web Design & Development projects are based on wire-frame design mock-ups, using RAD principles and are adjusting automatically to different screen sizes, which is also called mobile friendly or liquid design style.

I mostly employ WordPress, which is the most versatile, reliable and supported Open Source CMS platform out there. It provides users with state of the art features, being able to quickly implement blog, newsletter and/or e-Commerce functionality besides others. Therefore helps users to quickly reach their goals.

WordPress CMS allows for an agile development process saving development costs. Besides users can easily update their website content by themselves.

All websites are Search Engine (SEO) and accessibility optimised to their respective standards in time of creation, always keeping usability (UI/UX) in mind. That ensures all websites are getting quickly organic traffic from search engines.

I am also providing website hosting services with our first choice being Panthur Website Hosting Service and can recommend you the most reasonable Domain Name resellers globally as well as for New Zealand.

BLAZEbusiness home page


is a web-presence for a business consultant…
06/04/2020/by Dieter Riedel
Seeing With Stars home page v2

Seeing with Stars

is offering Astrological Consultations…
27/03/2020/by Dieter Riedel
Lonnoc Eco Beach Bungalows 01 Homepage

Lonnoc Eco Beach Bungalows, Vanuatu

Lonnoc Eco Beach Bungalows, Vanuatu
is a website update project…
27/01/2020/by Dieter Riedel
Tenshin Aikido Homepage

Tenshin Aikido New Zealand

Tenshin Aikido New Zealand
is a website project for the Tenshin…
20/01/2019/by Dieter Riedel
LEBB accommodation booking page

Calendar booking systems

If your business needs to schedule an appointment or book an…
24/11/2018/by Dieter Riedel
cPanel folder structure

How to create and maintain a custom folder structure in WordPress

If you are like me working for a long time with computers and…
02/09/2018/by Dieter Riedel
Allach Porcelain Homepage

Allach Porcelain

is selling Allach Porcelain products…
09/05/2018/by Dieter Riedel
WordPress.org Plugins page image

My most trusted/used WordPress Plugins

It is important for every professional to have the right tools…
10/02/2018/by Dieter Riedel
reeveplastering.co .nz 01

Reeve Plastering

a one page website for a plastering…
20/08/2017/by Dieter Riedel
esotech com au 01

Esoteric Technologies Ltd.

is selling software solutions for horoscope…
04/03/2017/by Dieter Riedel
CoalAction.org 03

Coal Action Network Aotearoa

Coal Action Network Aotearoa website
is a website for a group…
18/09/2016/by Dieter Riedel
Chinmaya Dunster website home page

Chinmaya Dunster – Musician and Producer

Chinmaya Dunster website and Chinmaya Dunster Blog
is the website…
16/03/2016/by Dieter Riedel
Blue Cars new Home page

Blue Cars Ltd, New Zealand

is an e-Commerce website to support the uptake…
16/11/2015/by Dieter Riedel
Ayurveda-Mandala Home page v4

Ayurveda Mandala, New Zealand

a business website development for…
11/11/2015/by Dieter Riedel
Southern Cross Marine Metal Fabrication website project

Southern Cross Marine Metal Fabrications Ltd, New Zealand

a structural website upgrade project…
22/05/2015/by Dieter Riedel
leolight website screenshot

leolight, New Zealand

is a one page project for a Software Quality…
09/03/2015/by Dieter Riedel
Cook Sargisson & Pirie home page

Cook, Sargisson & Pirie Ltd, New Zealand

a project show case website for an award…
11/09/2014/by Dieter Riedel
Dewatering Specialists Home page with header logo and dynamic three state header navigation showing various projects as a slide-show;

Dewatering Specialists, New Zealand

a business website to show case their dewatering…
30/05/2014/by Dieter Riedel
The Eco Shop Home page with three state navigation, product slider, ad space and recent articles listing;

The Eco Shop


an e-Commerce solution to sell…
24/01/2014/by Dieter Riedel
Final website design for Translation Bureau Ltd.

Translation Bureau Ltd, New Zealand


a one page project for a translation…
30/11/2013/by Dieter Riedel
Anando Decorating Home page with header logo and dynamic three state header navigation shows various projects as a slide-show;

Anando Decorating, New Zealand

is no more serviced by us and was…
29/10/2013/by Dieter Riedel
Lynx Group Home page with logo, top and left side menu, dynamic three state navigation;

Lynx Group Ltd, New Zealand


a business Website Development for a Corporate…
29/05/2013/by Dieter Riedel
Indian Music present Homepage

Indian Music, Germany

Website Development for the Indian Musician…
16/04/2013/by Dieter Riedel
Mastery of Life Home page with three state navigation, ad space and welcoming animation;

Mastery of Life blog


was created in 2012 mainly to test out…
26/06/2012/by Dieter Riedel
IT-CST 2.5 Home page with dynamic three state navigation and slide-show;

IT-CST Joomla 2.5 CMS, New Zealand

Current IT-CST Design & Web Joomla website
is based on Joomla…
02/02/2012/by Dieter Riedel
SGH Travel Cook Islands page is a sub-page of Oceania travel targets;

SGH Travel worldwide


a business Website Development for an international…
18/01/2012/by Dieter Riedel
ProGuides New Zealand Facts page providing historical overview and actual news and guide locations;

ProGuides, New Zealand

ProGuides New Zealand - A Web Development show case
was created…
19/12/2011/by Dieter Riedel
UX/UI Design - with different interactions screens;

UI/UX Design

Offering website design services requires solid UI design and…
31/10/2011/by Dieter Riedel
Essentially Men Redesign - Customising a WordPress Pagelines template;

Essentially Men, New Zealand


was about customizing a WordPress…
10/08/2011/by Dieter Riedel
Unitec DOC Flash website with fly-in animation...

Unitec DOC Flash website

Unitec DOC Flash website - A Multimedia Web Development show…
18/07/2011/by Dieter Riedel
Silberfarn Tours Landing page with two language options;

Silberfarntours, New Zealand

was a business Website Design for a…
28/03/2011/by Dieter Riedel
Old Friend's Association Articles page listing all the uploaded PDF files;

Old Friend’s Association

Old Friend's Association - A Web Development show case

02/11/2010/by Dieter Riedel
The Fitness Club - Services page with video content;

The Fitness Club

The Fitness Club - A Multimedia Web Development show case
01/06/2010/by Dieter Riedel
Shots All pages have animated header and side pane slideshows;


Shots - A Web Design show case
for a photography enthusiast…
19/04/2010/by Dieter Riedel
Anando ArtAttack ArtAttack page displaying art work;

Anando ArtAttack, New Zealand


is the homepage of Anando Kirsch,…
28/01/2010/by Dieter Riedel
the mathscaper Home page with Flash animation, with dynamic three state navigation menu;

the mathscaper

the mathscaper - A Web Development show case

was about creating…
20/12/2008/by Dieter Riedel
Flash website About page with embedded video;

Art & Design Gallery

Art & Design Gallery - An Multimedia Web Development show…
28/11/2008/by Dieter Riedel
CSS Zen GardenHome page w/o content

CSS Zen Garden

CSS Zen Garden - A Web Design show case

based on the CSS structure…
06/10/2008/by Dieter Riedel
Goldway International Accommodation page;

Goldway International

Goldway International - A Web Design show case

created as…
30/08/2008/by Dieter Riedel
spritemobile New home page with logo and header animation and dynamic three state navigation menu

spritemobile, New Zealand


was a redesign project of their website…
26/08/2008/by Dieter Riedel
Carstens Kitchen About us page;

Carsten’s Kitchen, New Zealand

Carsten’s Kitchen, New Zealand is offline since July 2012

05/03/2007/by Dieter Riedel
Candlelyte Contact page;

Candlelyte, New Zealand

Candlelyte, New Zealand offline since November 2008

was the…
14/12/2006/by Dieter Riedel
IT-CST 1.0 Graphic design page;

IT-CST Joomla 1.0 CMS, New Zealand

Previous IT-CST Design & Web New Zealand website
was the…
13/11/2006/by Dieter Riedel
Infineon Knowledge Flow team page;

Infineon Technology Inc, Germany

Infineon Technology Inc, Germany, Intranet Website

was an…
12/06/2005/by Dieter Riedel
Previous German home page of IT-CST, Germany

IT-CST, Germany

IT-CST, Germany, previous business website
was created 2004…
15/11/2004/by Dieter Riedel
Wellness Kraft About page;

Wellness-Kraft, Germany


represents the activities and workshops…
12/07/2003/by Dieter Riedel