Does your website look outdated and/or lacks important functionality? Are you using all possible multimedia elements on your website to make a real imprint on your visitor? Is your website attracting enough visitors and therefore creating business for you? Does your website work for you? What makes your website more attractive to your prospects? Is your website missing some of the important design requirements to achieve a higher ranking and attract more visitors?

You are looking here at a broad range of technically different implementations of modern Website Design & Development, Multimedia and Graphic Design projects which were created since 2002.

All recent Web Design & Development projects are based on wire-frame design mock-ups, using RAD principles and are adjusting automatically to different screen sizes, which is also called mobile friendly or liquid design style.

I now mostly employ either Joomla or preferably WordPress CMS, which are the most reliable and supported Open Source platforms out there. Simply because it allows clients to easily update their website content and we do not want to “reinvent the wheel” but provide our clients with state of the art functionality which helps them to quickly reach their goals.

That allows for an agile development process, therefore saving development costs for our clients.

All websites are Search Engine (SEO) and accessibility optimised to their respective standards in time of creation, always keeping usability (UI/UX) in mind. That ensures all websites are getting quickly organic traffic from search engines.

I am also providing website hosting services with our first choice being Panthur Website Hosting Service and can recommend you the most reasonable Domain Name resellers globally as well as for New Zealand.