SGH Travel worldwide

18/01/2012 | Web Design, Web Development

SGH Travel worldwide

18/01/2012 | Web Design, Web Development

a business Website Development for an international travel agency which conducts worldwide tours to exotic and special places.

This was built from scratch by January 2012 and built on state of the Art standards and optimized for actual SEO requirements.

The main challenges were to create different website design layouts for all the pages, the navigation elements and various forms.

Website Development employing a CMS based on PHP and MySQL programming, with XHTML coding incorporating table-less design, CSS styling and JavaScript elements for the navigation and header slide-show.

They have kindly provided us with their testimonial


Notepad++ & Adobe Dreamweaver;

Pages/Posts to service

29 pages;

Pictures to service

More than 350 pictures and graphical elements, the pictures were provided by the website owner and customized with Adobe Photoshop and Fireworks;

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