Ayurveda Mandala, New Zealand

11/11/2015 | Web Design, WordPress

Ayurveda Mandala, New Zealand

11/11/2015 | Web Design, WordPress


a business website development for an artist, health and beauty Consultant who offers Ayurvedic Massages, Energy Healing Touch sessions, health and nutrition Consultancy and Organic Skin Care products. She is offering also chanting and meditation classes. There is a gallery of her art work as well as a presentation of dances she choreographed.

By the time the project matured the requirements changed and we decided to switch from a custom build CMS to WordPress CMS as a basis to provide the required functionality and future proof development adaptations.

As a WordPress based CMS it required some MySQL, PHP, CSS and JavaScript customisations, to change the look and feel and adapt it to the requirements. The design kept “responsive” web design standards in mind to make it automatically adapt to different screen sizes, we call that also mobile ready or liquid design. Nearly all photographs and graphics were created by us and customized to suit the client’s needs.

The initial development process took 96 hours and reached a publishing state by May 2012. It is built on State of the Art standards and optimized for actual SEO requirements. We also supplied our hosting and domain name registration services for this project.

Over time there were functional additions made like a newsletter, social media integration and an e-Commerce solution, based on the WooCommerce, selling nutritional supplements and healing elixirs. Also a redesign using a new Divi template framework from Elegant Themes was undertaken in October 2015.

She has kindly provided me with her testimonial.


Notepad++ & Adobe Dreamweaver;

Pages/Posts to service

So far 139;

Pictures to service

So far 143 pictures and graphical elements, the graphics were provided by the websites owner and customized with Adobe Photoshop and Fireworks, the pictures were taken by the web developer;

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