Blue Cars Ltd, New Zealand

16/11/2015 | Web Design, WordPress

Blue Cars Ltd, New Zealand

16/11/2015 | Web Design, WordPress

is an e-Commerce website to support the uptake of electric vehicles in New Zealand. It also provides guidance in using EVs as well as technical requirements for maintenance and charging and currently sells charging equipment via its shop.

The initial website was made using an on-line website builder provided by the previous hosting service. Due to its limitations the decision was made to redesign the website using the WordPress CMS as a platform which also provides required functionality for, i.e. an e-Commerce solution and other features, i.e. newsletter, social media integration, which are added in the near future.

Every WordPress based CMS requires MySQL, PHP, HTML5, CSS 3 and JavaScript customisations, to adapt it to the design requirements. The selected template, by Elegant themes, is modern and “responsive”, meaning it automatically adapts to different screen sizes. Pretty much all photographs and graphics were optimised by us and customized to suit the client’s needs. We used WooCommerce as our e-Commerce solution and POLipay and SwipeHQ as payment gateways.

The new website was published in November 2015 and is built on State of the Art standards and optimized for actual SEO requirements. We also supplied our website hosting services for this project.

Pages/Posts to service
So far 18;
Pictures to service
So far 70 pictures and graphical elements, the graphics were provided by the websites owner and customized with Adobe Photoshop and Fireworks, most of the pictures were provided by the website owner;

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