Esoteric Technologies Ltd.

04/03/2017 | WordPress, Web Design

Esoteric Technologies Ltd.

04/03/2017 | WordPress, Web Design

is selling software solutions for horoscope calculations and predictions from it’s WooCommerce online store.

The main requirement was to first move the website to a different hosting service provider and upgrade the design to a more modern framework to keep it compatible with advancements in WordPress as well as WooCommerce, but keeping the look an feel.

That required first to secure it on the old hosting service and copy it over to the new one, which was challenging as only Admin access available. And to keep all the functionality going and add more security features as well. Then do a redesign of the old website look and feel on a new Divi based framework template. Besides requiring  WordPress CMS and WooCommerce know how I needed to apply my Front-end Design skills using HTML5 and CSS3. Using Divi being an Elegant themes template as a basis, made the update way more cost efficient and fast. As usual the website is mobile responsive and to round things up I also optimised Accessibility and SEO on all pages.

The new website was published in November 2015 and is built on State of the Art standards and optimized for actual SEO requirements. I also supplied website hosting support for this project.

The owner has kindly provided me with her testimonial.



Pages/Posts to service

So far 145;

Pictures to service

So far 212 pictures and graphical elements, the graphics were provided by the websites owner and customized with Adobe Photoshop and Fireworks;

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