Mastery of Life blog

26/06/2012 | Web Design, WordPress

Mastery of Life blog

26/06/2012 | Web Design, WordPress

was created in 2012 mainly to test out different Online Marketing strategies but evolved over time into an information platform sharing alternative news and research of various topics, structured in a categorised form. We have later added The Eco Shop to it.

The best platform for this is by far the WordPress CMS which allows to easily add all the required SEO and online marketing functionality.

As a WordPress based CMS we needed to do some MySQL, PHP, CSS and JavaScript customisations, to change the look and feel and adapt it to the different requirements. The template also follows “responsive” web design standards, also called mobile ready or liquid design.

As all our projects this also is built on State of the Art standards and optimized for actual SEO requirements. We employed our hosting and domain name registration services for this project.

More than a dozen of specialised plug-ins/extensions were integrated and configured.


Notepad++ & Adobe Dreamweaver;

Pages/Posts to service

So far 816;

Pictures to service

So far 37 pictures and graphical elements, needed to be customized with Adobe Photoshop and Fireworks;

Documents to service

So far 3 MS Word and converted to Adobe Acrobat;

Simply contact us to discuss your requirements!

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