Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphic design tool and often used in combination with other Adobe applications. Adobe Illustrator is a trademark of Adobe Inc.


Milk boost A3 sales flyer with...

Banners and Flyers

This is a selection of banners and flyers in various sizes and shapes created mainly in MS Word, but also in MS Publisher and lately Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator which we also converted into PDF format for printing purposes:
T-Shirt foil print;

Marketing Material

We can design all sorts of Marketing Materials for your corporate identity and stationary materials needs, here are some examples:
Candlelyte business card created using a photograph, logos and graphics;

Business cards

Every company needs a professional business card related to their corporate identity as a first point of exchanging contact information. Generally for the logo design and typography we use a range of programs, i.e. Coral Draw, Adobe Creative…
Actual and previous Ayurveda Mandala logo;

Corporate Identity and Logo Design

When I started the business in 1998 I created the logo and corporate identity, inspired by the greatest force in our sky. And from then onwards I have designed logos for other businesses: