e-Commerce or electronic commerce is the equivalent of a brick and mortar store on the internet, with a shopping cart, payment and delivery solutions implemented.


Creating an Online Shop made easy!

WooCommerce and Payment Gateway integration

WooCommerce is an online shopping solution that also provides a lot of powerful plugins to extent its functionality, for example Booster for WooCommerce, WooCommerce Bookings and Zapier, which help to get up and running quickly for various e-Commerce…
Blue Cars new Home page

Blue Cars Ltd, New Zealand

www.bluecars.nz is an e-Commerce website to support the uptake of electric vehicles in New Zealand. It also provides guidance in using EVs as well as technical requirements for maintenance and charging and currently sells charging equipment…
Ayurveda-Mandala Home page v4

Ayurveda Mandala, New Zealand

www.ayurveda-mandala.com a business website development for an artist, health and beauty Consultant who offers Ayurvedic Massages, Energy Healing Tough sessions, health and nutrition Consultancy and Organic Skin Care products. She is offering…
Edward Snowden

Website Security, On-line Anonymity and Privacy

Even after Edward Snowden's NSA revelations for many website security, on-line anonymity and privacy are things that they are not really worried about. This might quickly change the moment you interact with a website leaving your email, personal…
The Eco Shop Home page with three state navigation, product slider, ad space and recent articles listing;

The Eco Shop

www.ecoshop.masteryoflife.org an e-Commerce solution to sell a selection of sustainable products from the Amazon online store and is another test case for different online marketing strategies. The WordPress CMS platform is also in this…
spritemobile New home page with logo and header animation and dynamic three state navigation menu

spritemobile, New Zealand

www.spritesoftware.com was a redesign project of their website built on WordPress and an e-Commerce plug-in. Website Design based on XHTML coding with CSS formatting. Picking up the coding from the previous developer was not a breeze.…