Allach Procellain, Germany

17/11/2002 | Uncategorised

Allach Procellain, Germany

17/11/2002 | Uncategorised

is a web presence for a collector of historic porcelain Art is the first business Web Design project done by Web & Design Boutique starting in 2002. The website is in dual language hence the content needed to be adjusted and translated and the pictures were provided and web optimized.

Website design based on XHTML coding with CSS formatting in a frame set, with dynamic three state navigation and a light box effect on the pictures employing JavaScript.


Notepad++ & Adobe Dreamweaver;

Pages/Posts to service

68 in two languages;

Pictures to service

299 optimised with Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Photoshop Elements & Adobe Photoshop, which were mainly provided by the website owner;

Simply contact us to discuss your requirements!

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