IT-CST 2.5 Home page with dynamic three state navigation and slide-show;

Current IT-CST Design & Web Joomla website

is based on Joomla Content Management System (CMS) platform utilising MySQL and PHP, HTML5, CSS3 and additional multimedia elements.

Joomla provides a huge choice in extensions and customisable tools for any Web 2.0 need within one surface. Extensions like User registering and administration, Customer Relationship Management, Content sharing and altering, Calendar application, complete e-Commerce Solution, Bulletin Board, RSS feeder, Collaboration, Forum and plenty of other functionalities are modular and can be added and configured as per requirement.

We have altered a standard Joomla website design template for our needs and added and configured a slide-show. It adheres to “responsive” web design standards to make it automatically adapt to different screen sizes, we call that also mobile ready or liquid design.

Notepad++ & Joomla inbuilt;

14 pages plus 14 extensions and their configurations;

15 customized with Adobe Fireworks & Adobe Photoshop and more than 520 for the slide-show presentations which was customized using the JavaScript and CSS based Joomla extension “Simple Image Gallery Extended” (SIGE);

6 with MS Word and Adobe Acrobat;