ProGuides New Zealand Facts page providing historical overview and actual news and guide locations;

ProGuides New Zealand – A Web Development show case

was created for the New Zealand Tour Guide Association ProGuides as the final NZQA level 7 Bachelor in Computing Science project by a team of two students. Their requirements were to have a forum, registration forms, actual traffic and weather news, scheduling and calendar feature, Google Maps implementation, advanced user and ACL management, a Flash animation, import of existing content and user data.

Based on their requirements we decided to use the sophisticated Joomla CMS which is utilising MySQL, PHP, XHTML, CSS, AS3 and JavaScript, basically building a Web 2.0 website.

Dieter was responsible for the implementation and set-up of test environments, website hosting, the Flash animation programming, research and debugging of extensions for backup, file administration and forms. Being the most senior group member Dieter was also the Team Teader and Project Manager. The other team member was responsible for the System Analysis, Logo and Web Design, implementation and configuration of extensions, like Google Maps and forum, photographs, menu and texts design, form creation and testing.

Notepad++ and Adobe Dreamweaver;

11 pages plus 8 extensions and their configurations;

MS Excel, PHPmyAdmin, Google;

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