Old Friend's Association Articles page listing all the uploaded PDF files;

Old Friend’s Association – A Web Development show case

was about creating a Content Management System (CMS) to allow registered users to create and share articles.

And is based on a table-less XHTML website design using CSS and a MySQL database and PHP had to be developed to allow for user and article management. JavaScript was used for the navigation and slide show elements. A validating registration and contact form was also implemented. Not a major focus but the design of the logo and look and feel was also part of the assignment.

Old Friend’s Association is another show case of Dieter’s skills as a Web Designer and Developer based on PHP, MySQL, XHTML, CSS and JavaScript in the NZQA level 6 Unitec Web Development course.


6 pages;

20 customized with Adobe Photoshop;

11 with MS Word and Adobe Acrobat;